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Mandy Moore Is Producing a New Show Inspired By Her Early Days As a ‘90s Popstar

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Moore will produce the series based on her upcoming as a early 90's pop sensation.

‘90s kids, get the popcorn ready!

Mandy Moore is bringing the show of everyone’s dreams to ABC. According to Variety, ABC has given a pilot order to a new drama series that will focus on her early music career. For anyone unfamiliar, before her starring role as Rebecca Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us or her tear inducing turn as Jamie in A Walk to Remember, the actress took the world by storm with her incredible musical prowess. Going on tour with bands like 98 Degrees and N’SYNC were just a few of her early career accomplishments. Considering this new show is going to be a drama, it looks like not everything was as sweet as it seemed.

The new series, which was written by Amanda Lasher, is being executive produced by Moore and This Is Us showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. The show will follow a teenager from a small town in Florida whose life along with her family’s is shaken up when she becomes an overnight pop sensation. It’s unclear how much will be based on Moore’s actual experiences, but you can definitely count on her to make a small cameo in the series.

Turns out, life may be imitating art. While Moore has spent the last decade focusing on her acting pursuits, thanks to the encouragement of her husband and Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, Moore is actually planning on putting some new music out into the world. She revealed that she just started working on her first album in 10 years produced by Goldsmith and Mike Viola. The three already co-wrote a song for This Is Us called “Invisible Ink.” If the song is any indication of how her new music is going to be, then get ready for another hit!

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