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Guide to the Essential Streaming Platforms You Need All for Under $40

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Find out which platforms will give you the most bang for your buck.

There has never been a better time in history to watch TV. Streaming services have opened the doors for more content, premium options, and A-list stars are making their way back to the small screen in droves. However, all of these services don’t come cheap. From the lower end of the Spectrum—$5 for Disney+—to the expensive platforms like the new $13 HBO Max platform, all of these can add up to a lot of money for viewers.

So, how does someone looking to stay budget friendly and still enjoy classic entertainment decide what platforms are worth the money? I'm breaking down the essentials that you need that will cost you only $40 a month.

Netflix ($9)

Clearly, we couldn’t in good conscience create a list without recognizing the OG streaming platform. Many households across the globe already still enjoy the luxury of Netflix. It’s simple, comfortable, and offers a multitude of viewing options. Even with all of the current streaming options out there, and the fact that much of its licensed content is leaving the platform, Netflix still offers and array of options. Not to mention, their original content is still high-caliber and worth the monthly price.

HBO Max ($15)

Between all the many HBO platforms and incarnations that have been offered, this new one may seem like a bit of a stretch. Do you really need an upgraded version? Short answer: yes. What HBO Max offers can’t be beat. Not only will they be providing every episode of Friends once it leaves Netflix in 2020, but rumor has it they are also preparing some sort of mini-Friends reunion. If nostalgia isn’t enough to lure you, there is also the fact that the platform will launch with more than 10,000 hours of content, and will boast your favorite shows from the platform like The Sopranos, Insecure, The Leftovers and more. As far as must-see-TV goes, HBO Max has it.

Disney+, Hulu (Ads), ESPN+ ($13)

Bundles may be the new wave of the future. Disney is providing a package of their newest service Disney+, along with the non-commercial free version of Hulu and ESPN. This package is relatively inexpensive, and great for families too. Not only can your kids enjoy the family friendly Disney programming, but you can also watch shows currently airing on television that you may have missed. Even with all the niche content, Hulu is still offering viewers something no other platform has—the opportunity to stream episodes that are currently airing on cable. Plus, with the announcement that FX will start streaming shows on the platform, this one is a no-brainer.

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